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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Beer Bike Prelude

Classy Beer Can Holder Mk I for our bunk bed conversion chair. The holes in the top of the posts (originally in a bunk bed, the posts held pins which let one bedpost be stacked on another one safely to make the 2 storey bed.) are co-opted to hold the can holder.
Gathering tools and materials....

for Classy Beer Can Holder Mk II.

Classy Beer Can Holder MKII
Classy Beer Can Holder MKII in place
Convened the expert marketing committee panel
But it may be too late, your can already buy these spiked can holders from
or these twirly things which do the same job at
Old Esky rescued from a dumpster....
and NLT 3 leaning trike gathering dust around the side of out house. 

In the last few weeks I've had time for some extra projects and decided to compliment the chair I'd made for out the front with a beer can holder. There are some holes in the posts just right for this sort of thing so I knocked a couple of them up as prototypes (MK I, top photo).  I wasn't satisfied though and started gathering bits for the  MK II version.  This included finding a large sized holesaw, working out that I could cut up an old belt for the rim and sawing up an old bike seat bolt for the bolt.

When I'd finished the holders, I realised that there might be a market for this sort of thing (as stubby or glass holders at festivals or picnics, so I Convened the Expert Marketing Committee Panel which translates as took a sample with me when I went to dinner at my Mum and Dad's, and asked my son Ewan, his wife Phoebe and my niece Cicely about them. "Generally favourable reception!"

That done, I could return to some bike work.  I aim to sell bikes I am not actually using, so have dug out from around the side my aluminium frame trike and an Esky to mount on the back of it.  The Beer Bike is coming!  More in the next post.


Steve Nurse

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