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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 8

Clearance for front fork to pedals, right, and....


Painting the front bottom bracket on the old decommissioned letterbox.

The new letterbox which is made from decorated plywood salvaged from a hard rubbish pile.  The lid is a lump of unimold plastic.

Derailleur mount on front right dropout ready for tapping and

being tapped.


After a few days break, I am back building my wooden leaning trike, and yesterday I set up the front bottom bracket.  Its quite important (!) that the pedals don't hit the front forks, and this depends on a  combination of the pedal axle, the cranks and the fork and the height of the bottom bracket relative to the fork.  So I was quite careful about setting up the bottom bracket shell on the frame, and putting all the parts in place before brazing the mounting plate onto the shell.  Fortunately there was about 8mm clearance on each side and (woohoo) I found a bearing set that wasn't dodgy. 

When this was done I marked a line on the bottom bracket shell and dissassembled it from the frame.  Then I brazed on the mounting plate, being careful to line it up with the marked line.  Painting followed that, I will sneak them into the heated loungeroom tonight so it dries better.

Quite happy with progress, with the black parts of the bike bolted to it, it is starting to look like something other than a block of wood.


Steve Nurse 

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