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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike, Part 9

Start of the day: marking up......
corflute to.................

make a bath to soak a few plywood pieces.  The bath is put on a slope and has no top wall, so that as much as possible of the largest piece fits in.
Sawing off the front of the steering column on NLT (Nusre leaning Trike) 6

And filling in the gap with a 3d (woohoo) printed (woohoo) stopper.

The seat needs 4 of these parts but I had only ordered 3, so I made one using a handsaw and grinder.
Inner frame and seat.  Most of the hard work of bending is done by this stage.
Final position for parts shown 2 photos above. 

Had to extend the hole in the tailbox floor a bit to get it over part of the seat frame.

End of the day, almost done.

Attaching the rear panel.  The grain orientation for this part is wrong, so it needs lots of persuasion to bend properly.


What I did today......... Building a tailbox and fixing up a steer so the front of my bike fits into the car easier.


Steve Nurse

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