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Monday, May 22, 2017

Timber Leaning trike part 14

Material from a hard rubbish pile for the side panels

Bit of surgery required to make these handgrips the right size

Halfway through making the tailbox lid.

Brake assembly.

One Sidepanel fitted. Very pleased with the way this coame out

Small amount of luggage in luggage compartment, including library cds and dvds

Outside the new North Fitzroy Library, after returning cds and dvds.  Its a great new building....

And by way of contrast, officeworks Fitzroy!

Back Home.


I spent some time last night and this morning finishing the trike to a rideable state and spent quite a bit of effort fettling the brakes and gears, as well as making side-covers and a lid for the tailbox, and fitting handgrips and a bell.  And it all came out well.  My first trip out on the trike was a shopping trip, and the worst problem I had with the trike was running over dog excrement on the pavement on the way home!  The steering was a bit out of centre, which I've fixed,  but otherwise no real issues.  Still getting used to it a bit though, and I want to make 2 more sets of panels for the tailbox, 1 in coreflute and 1 in plywood:  I bought in supplies for them today as well and will add some taillights as well.

All for now, Regards

Steve Nurse

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