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Friday, May 19, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 12

Adding M6 Tee nuts to the seat.  The timber in the foreground is 2 layers thick, that is to accommodate the full depth of the tee nut and add strength in a stressed part of the timber.

Putting a slot into the steerer started of by drilling, then rolling the drill round on an angle to clear out the timber between the holes.  The same size slot is now on both sides, and its to let the brake and gear cables into the steerer.

Cutting a piece of aluminium which wound up.....

In the steerer as a washer near the handlebar clamp bolt.

Checking chain clearance on the brake at the back of the front fork.  Its no good, there was about 8mm of interference.......

so it was back to the hacksaw, the oxy torch and the spray can.  Here is the result of the sawing and brazing, painting black again about to take place.

My wooden trike is nearing completion now, and today I have been finishing parts off.  The front forks are drying now, and tommorrow the trike will go back together.  Still a bit to sort out though, I haven't started selecting the handbrakes or gearchanger from the piles of crap carefully curated selection of choice bicycle parts which inhabit my shed.  I have the mini v-brakes, derailleurs and handlebars sorted though.

All for now, regards

Steve Nurse

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