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Monday, May 15, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 11

Reinforcing the new tailbox at its base.  This is the same thing I did on the trike I am currently riding as documented here.

New Steerer is jigged and ready for screwing and glueing.

Both sets of wheels are on the frame now.  It needs the seat, steerer pedals, chain, brakes etc.

Today I made quite good progress on the trike, I shortened the pins for the wheels and assembled the back wheelset, then in the afternoon did a bit of preemptive fixing on the tailbox and drilled the steerer ready for screwing and glueing.

There is still a bit to do, glueng and painting the steerer, finishing the crankset and finishing and painting the tailbox and starting to fit the chain and brakes comes next.


Steve Nurse

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