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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 10

Some running repairs while making the new trike, the brake cable is snapping so I
added brake noodles both sides while checking and replacing some brake pads.

This shows most of the items needed to make the Vuong rear wheel setup. As well as 2 x 355 size tyres, tubes, rimtapes and wheels there is a set of replacement bearings, a bearing tool, 75mm aluminium unicycle cranks and matching wheel shafts.  I had the wheel shafts custom made to my design and have some in the cupboard.
The bearing tool in use.  It has a taper setup to allow it to press against the existing bearing spacer so the spacer and bearing can be removed.
Near the end of the bearing swap, this setup with an old bearing, large bolt and washer is to tap in the new bearings.

Bearing swap done, all that remains is to turn a bit off the length of the wheelshafts.

Steerer blank which was included with new parts.  Although I made one of thse in part 1, I will make another with the new parts, which have an up-to-date design.

Finishing the plywood side panels, some of the parts were cut out way back in part 2.

Finishing the seat.  The screwed section of the seat has 3 layers of 4mm ply, and this is thick enough to....

screw the seat base and top to its edge.  This gloses the gaps in the assembly.
Cropping the screws sticking out from the plywood sidepanels.


As you can see, I have been quite busy on the trike.  tomorrow I should be able to put the wheels on the frame, but there is still a steerer to be made and the seat to finalise.  All for now!

Steve Nurse

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