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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 13

Steerer assembly parts include cast aluminium parts, 2 35mm seatpost clamps, 2 aluminium spacers, the fork and ther timber steerer.

The cast aluminium plates which the steerer pivots on.  They needed the rectangular hole in the centre opened up because they were designed for a very narrow seatpost clamp, and the ones I have are wider.  Left is modified, right unmodified, so that now.....

it all fits together like this!

Cropping the handlebars

Adding a slot for the cables to come out of the steerer and into the fork tube.  This is the same process I used the other day for the face of the steerer, but this time the slots are in the hardwood pieces which are top and bottom on the steerer.  A couple of screws were in the way, so I removed them, then cut them short before putting them back in after the slot was made. 

Good progress by the end of the night!

Hi, here are the photos of today's progress.  I had a break at about 2pm and went for a ride it took visits to 4 bike shops to find enough flexible noodles (6) for the end of each cable on the trike, but it was worth it.  The mod to the fork I did yesterday seems to be working well, and although a few tweaks are still needed, I think I can get everything working without the chain rubbing.

I could have done a midnight blocky on the trike, but will save that for the morning.  Still a bit to go, in particular the wooden sidepanels need a bit of altering before they will look halfway decent on the trike.

All for now!

Steve Nurse

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