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Friday, April 28, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 7

Gluing and screwing parts together.  The "hi vis shirt" is mainly a "dirt shirt" to save my better clothes getting crap like paint and resin and sawdust all over them.

Head Tube Plates,

gluing them.

Painting bottom bracket shell.

Ripping apart 2 bottom brackets from a failed experiment.

Drying parts overnight.  I moved on from the frame to painting some seat parts.

Right to left: Phoebe, Christine, Sarah, Ewan, Richard Stephen.
3d printer, woohoo!


I've been continuing to build the frame for my wooden leaning trike and now its almost finished.  I've screwed and glued on the head tube plates and varnished the frame, and assembled and painted one of the bottom brackets.  The other bottom bracket had a few problems, the thread somehow became knackered, and I needed to whack an assembly of 2 shells onto the lather to harvest one good one.  Outside of biking, my brother has been visiting from England and we caught up at a nearby restaurant, and I ordered and received a new Cetus 3d printer.  More on the printer once I put it together and have it working.


Steve Nurse

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