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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 3

Lining up the pieces for the back of the bike frame with a bottom bracket shell and a piece of 20 x 12 dressed all round timber.  This is the same section used in the steerer.

Putting glue on those pieces.  It's a 2 part glue, not mixed yet in this photo
The same process for the front of the bike

Back part of the frame.  There's a bit of extra glue there that needs cleaning up.
Front part of the frame with the front fork in place.
Hi, today I've been gluing bits of bike together, its been going quite well.  Soon I'll be able to put the whole frame together.  I made a few mistakes in the drawing, and am writing down a list of these as I go, they will be fixed up in the next version.

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