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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Abbotsford Cycles Market

Bike Market At Abbotsford Cycles today

Free Stuff!

The market.  I didn't wait for the train to go past.  It was just there.

Ross Harrup Checks my bike

Book 1 from free stuff, formicone manual

Book 2 from free stuff, Raleigh "A Shortened Illustrated History of the Bicycle"

Book 3 from free stuff, "How to be a good bike rider and a safe one!"

Formicone Detail 1

Formicone 2

Formicone 3

Images 1 from "How to....."

Images 2

Images 3

Images 4

Images 5

I spent some of today reassembling and storing trikes, but managed to find an hour or so late in the morning to slip down to Abbotsford Cycles where a bike market was taking place.  And it was a good move.  I bought a t-shirt and  spoke to a few people I knew.  The market was ending and a few stallholders were giving away stuff they didn't want to take home with them, and I grabbed a few books and pamphlets.  A pair of wide handlebars I had wanted had gone from the stall they were on and I panicked a bit but they had wound up on the free stuff pile.    Over the next few weeks I hope to be building a new trike, and I plan to blog about all of it. The handlebars should work well on the trike. Woohoo!

One of the pamphlets is a 70 page Formicone bike manual.  The formicone is an Italian modular bike and has various strange tech like extendable forks built into it. At one stage I owned a Formicone Tandem and wrote a web page about it, so was quite pleased to get this.

Another item is a bike safety pamphlet, printed entirely in red and yellow ink.  I am sure Scott Adams who writes the Dilbert comics got a good long look at these characters before he started his career.  The last pamphlet is a Raleigh short History of the bicycle.

Anyway, it was a nice outing and I was glad to catch up with Ross, Adrian and John Harland.

Till next time

Steve Nurse

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