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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 4

Start of the day.  These are the frame side plates as they were cut from the plywood together with the solid plywood parts (made yesterday) they will join.

Some more parts I worked with today, they will make up top and bottom plates for the frame.

2 types of corners, those circled green is cut with an extra semicircular profile to eliminate interference between the rectangular timber pin and the hole.  The corners circled red were drawn as right angle corners but the inner corners show the tool tip radius.

Removing the excess part of the rectangular pin.  I've placed a spare plywood part over the pin to get the right cut length.
Clamping after gluing.

Top plate is 3 layers thick, clamping after screwing and gluing.

Me in the back yard with one of my current bikes.

Work done at the end of the day.  Top and bottom sets of parts are glued together and drying.  Hopefully they will dry straight.

Hi, here are some photos and captions showing today's progress.


Steve Nurse

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