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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Timber Leaning Trike Part 2

Some sawn-off parts, those on the left are unsanded, on the right, sanded

Small Sawn-off parts, and the piece they come from. They are used to clip the tailbox panels on to the tailbox.

Internal brace before sawing.
These parts will be glued together to make solid timber for the rear axle.  This shows parts cut out of pieces.  The rectangular holes are where rectangular DAR timber will slot in to keep all the parts in line while glueing.

Front section that will become solid timber.  The gap between the 2 stacks of timber (right) is for the head tube and the large round tube is for the bottom bracket.


Last Thursday, all the routed timber that will make up the trike arrived.  This is NC routed by TGC Building , and I have begun removing parts that will be glued together to make the trike from the pieces which have been cut from 4mm hoop pine marine ply. The parts of the frame that need to be strong are the 2 ends, as they need to absorb forces from the wheels, chain and bottom bracket.  So the back and front will be solid plywood, made from laminating sheets together.  The front and back form small modules, I will glue these together next, and that can be done independant of the complete frame gluing.  Till next time!

Steve Nurse

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