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Friday, October 29, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, Reid makeover and Jamis


Jamis, like Billy Ray Cypress, the gear cables were falling apart (I'm calling this cable cancer), and that was about all that was wrong with it.

Very poor quality basket on Reid

Removing it. I had to twist the front bolts from below as it needed lots of torque to remove them.

Near the start. Chain, crank, bell top removed for a....

Soak in vinegar to derust. Note chain condition.

Relpacement basket rack

With basket on

Down the shops for a test run

Nearing completion.


I had been riding round the neighbourhood, and spotted a good junk pile a few days ago, and decided to go past it again the next day which took me on an unusual route. I spotted the Reid bike on another dumpster pile along the way and picked it up and took it the 2 or 3 streets back home. Within an hour or so, the Jamis had arrived as well, picked up and donated to Wecycle by neighbour Stu.

Despite looking pretty bad with a rusty chain and basket, the Reid has scrubbed up ok. I made a new basket support and donated a bamboo basket and its fine now. Jamis has had the gear cable outers replaced now and is also good to go.

Regards  Steve Nurse 

Update Nov 12

Although I was sick with a toothache last week, I did go along to Wecycle to drop off the Jamis.  And during the week it was delivered by Mike and Gian, here is the photo and quote, "Mwafaq from Iraq. He and his son will Rami will ride together". So the effort was well worth it.

I suspect that some of the good hybrid / commuter bikes (like the Jamis and Billy Ray Cypress) have been replaced by ebikes but have absolutely no evidence for this.

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