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Friday, October 15, 2021

New Bike Part 12, a ride with Bryan Taaffe



Yesterday I did a bit of work on my bike. I wasn't happy with the ergonomics and felt I was leaning back too far, so added a plywood and timber wedge to the seat so I'm a bit further forward. It looks a bit crude at the moment, but having done this much I think I can make something decent. It will probably mean redoing all the corflute, but in the end it should look good with corflute covering both the new front and old back sections of the tailbox.

Meanwhile I have been in touch with Bryan Taaffe, an Irish cyclist and metal fabricator who has broken the record for an unsupported crossing from Perth to Sydney. We met up on the Kew Boulevarde and did 2 laps, about 25 k together. He's a bit faster than me downhills, but much faster uphills. Ok, he slaughters me and just about every other bike rider on the training route. But my bike (homemade front wheel drive) still goes ok compared to his (imported M5 Highraccer). 

Bryan's rig didn't have much storage space, maybe 20 litres, but that was enough for the Perth to Sydney trip, he managed things very well.

It was very good to finally meet Bryan after I'd interviewed him by phone for the OzHPV Huff magazine. We naturally talked recumbent bikes, and chatted to a lady who was interested in our recumbents and Bryan's work for the Alive charity. Will no doubt catch up with Bryan again soon.

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