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Saturday, October 9, 2021

New Bike Part 10: Tailbox


As completed last time

Stem detail
Cad = cardboard aided design for ....

trasferring the cutouts required for under the seat to the...

already scored coreflute.

Wrapped and cable tied onto seat and coreflute base.

Interior. This shows the plastic pieces I've used to shape the tailbox, they are pieces of 3d printer spools, cut up and drilled. I've used a different part of the same spools to make clocks .

Cad = Camera aided design. This photo was taken to estimate the height of my shoulders relative to the existing 'box. Red = proposed new tailbox location which I will make, green  = optional head fairing, I probably won't build this.

New interior
Top of tailfairing on.

Still need to fully attach the tailbox top but a lot of its done.

Hi, this shows progress with the bike to date. A bit more fiddling with the tailbox and I'm done, except for the lighting!

Regards  Steve Nurse

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