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Monday, October 4, 2021

Fixing 50 Bikes, Bike 30, Rebell MTB


Was out riding when I got this text, and George came round a few texts, a phone call, and a couple of hours later to drop off the bike.

A threatening sky as I did the first lot of work on the which was mostly cleaning.

Stem was rusty, this was my down and dirty masking in prep for spraying to clean up the worst of it.


George texted me about this bike, an old style Rebell Mountain bike, which was probably very high end in its day. Yes. it would be fine for Wecycle!

So George came round, and I gave him a tour of my latest bikes and I was able to remove the rusty chain while he was there and do a bit of hooning on the chainless bike.

I had the black spray paint out for another job and so decided to fix up the stem of this bike with a quick (not actually removing it from the bike) spray. Anyway, hope to finish this bike tomorrow, I now have 3 more waiting to be fixed here, and one that is fixed awaiting delivery.

Serial Number

The top 3 photos are how I sent the bike out. Couldn't get the left gripshift working so replaced it with a friction shifter, which is very basic but very simple also.  Gripshift is in a bag tied to the downtube for someone else to have a go at if motivated.


Steve Nurse

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