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Monday, October 11, 2021

New Bike part 11, the bike that named itself.

Trial (top) and final tail box back.

went into this! Small plywood piece is tailbox latch.

Inside. Need to trim a few cable ties still.


and done.

Top lid design. Diagonal lines are 20mm apart and together make the 90 degree bends in the part.

Bottom part. Not quite how I made it, but how I would make it next time.


Today I completed most of my recumbent bike. This involved finishing off the tailbox by making and then attaching the back piece, as well as making a boot catch. I'd already had a go at this by tracing the required shape on corflute, the cutting out.

But this wasn't that great, so I started over again this morning and made another piece, mostly from the plans of the top and bottom pieces, but also from direct measurement of what had been built. This time it went better, and between using cable ties, sticky tape, and a soldering iron finished off the box quite well.

Went for a ride, and it works well. The brakes pull the bike up very sharp if you apply force.

As far as the name goes, its "Properly Satisfying" which matches what is written on it. This is from the tailbox lid material: corflute advertising material for a type of pie.  Considering the amount of effort put in, and that it goes quite well, the name fits. Well better than "Tasmania's National Pie since 1942" anyway.

It was entirely up to me to mount the top corflute sign-side-out, and I think it adds to the bike. Anyway I'm happy with it.

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