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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, 33, Suzies Graduate

Cyclops Graduate

Drilled a hole through the stand retaining plate so the gear cable went through neatly

This is a before photo! This gizmo was securing the rear rack, not that well.

The right bearing cap was hard to remove and I worked this out, by tightening a large bolt onto the cap, and then keeping on turning, the cap eventually comes out.

Here is the whole assembly, I put an aluminium tube in it so the bearing surface wouldn't be damaged. I replaced this bearing cap with one with some flats on it.



This bike was dropped off by our friend Suzie, and the pedals had cotter pins, and the bearing cage had disintegrated inside the bottom bracket, so she wasn't a very happy bike. So quite good progress today, gears and bottom bracket are restored, tomorrow I will do a switcheroo on the rack and should be able to finish it off.

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