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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

With Bryan on the Boullie again


Bryan with Owen. A lot of bike riders and walkers are curious about Bryan's bike - its fast for one. Owen was asking about the  "Perth to Sydney for Youth Mental Health signage.

Bryan had a few k's on my bike, while I tried his M5 high racer.

Near the end of the ride, heading north on Chandler Highway.

As always, we (recumbents) were vastly outnumbered by racing bikes.

And yes, my helmet now includes yellow ear covers, which are cloth sewn over the straps. They are mainly to stop sunburn but might also help reduce noise and wind resistance. This is the first time I've seen them in photographs, I think they look ok.

I can only go no hands down hills while not pedalling. Melbourne central business district is in the background, only 5 or 6 k from this road which has 6k unbroken of road without traffic lights, with hills, and surrounded by bush.

On the M5. It's a different setup to my bikes and trikes. I have my shoulders more upright on my machine. The headrest is essential on the M5 as the body is more laid back.


A few days ago I went riding with long distance cyclist Bryan Taaffe again on a good local road. He'd handed me a few 20" bike tyres a few days before, and when we met I passed my cycling book on to him.

Here are Bryan's comments: "That’s it good experience and I was very surprised how well you machine handled and speed . Just knees hit the handle bars was only issue . 

Thanks again for the book most appreciated. 

Some class photos or you on the M5 too good day out"

As for the carbon M5 highracer, its very fast downhill but stays fast uphill too. The seat is so far laid back that the headrest is needed. This takes some getting used to. For me (glasses wearer) it made my vision blurry. Bryan no doubt got used to it between Perth and Sydney! The bottom bracket is quite high, with toes level with eyes while pedalling. Not too much of a problem for me.

Plan to catch up with Bryan again in a few weeks, a good incentive to get fitter and tweak the bikes and trikes more.

Here is the story about riding on the same course a few weeks ago. 


Steve Nurse


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