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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Art in the Park, November 20 at Wecycle

The bike trailer with foldable prop.

Folding the prop down helps me get it around the side of the house.

The cargo: this is the tetrahedral wheel rim sculpture I discussed in my design blog. In the last few days I made it "a bit less boring" by replacing one of the top rims with a spoked wheel with a cd fan in the centre.

Backyard trial with the sculpture. This is the sculpture in flat-pack form.

Woohoo we're rolling! This is the first time I had it hitched up.

Arrival at Wecycle, I was the first there today.

Set up, a few early arrivals, customers and volunteer Lucas are trickling in.

Just about full swing a few hours later.

I was helping Carlos to check gears on a bike inside (yes, I did some work there) Here he's using his phone to see the L and H marks on the rear derailleur.

Back home

This plug goes into the main frame beam of the Vuong trike. The bolt at the fop secures it in the frame.

Another view of the hitch adapter. I think the steel part was once a bit of a chainstay.

Trailer hitch on trike. This particular trailer fits in with the asymmetry of the back wheels.


For a few days I've been finishing off a sculpture in our backyard, and it had its public debut and first road trip today. A bit after the sculpture was done, I dragged a barely started hard rubbish trailer project around from the side of the house and got to work. Firstly I made a full plywood deck, then a few pins to go in the sculptures spoke holes. Lastly I made a folding prop for the rim sculpture.

It wasn't till this morning when I was actually using it that I tried the trailer and it worked very well. But even by my standards this rig is conspicuous. Anyway the sculpture went down well at Wecycle at Batman Park, where I volunteer on Saturdays fixing bikes for refugees. Here is a video of it reflecting light from the sun in our backyard.

I'm planning another trailer, this time for my electric Voung leaning trike, and it will be used to tow a surfboard. 


Steve Nurse

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