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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Fixing Bike 46, Ricardo


One that didn't make it to Wecycle. Saw this bike next to Victoria Park when I was laden with shopping, and came back the next day to check it out closer. It was a heavy clunker with Ashtabula cranks and without the saving grace of a cute frame.


This bike was advertised as free by the side of the road when I went to Wecycle one morning with a bike to give away. It was still there on the way home, and it seemed to be quite like the Repco Summit, but with several upgrades already there, ie aluminium rims and cranks. Only about 200m from home, so easy to transport and rescue.

Weighing the bike showed I was right, the Repco was 17.5kg at the start, and this one is only 14.8kg. Like the Giant Cypress, it has cable cancer on the brake cables. Anyway, I started in on fixing it yesterday with a very effective vinegar bath chain derust. Will report more later. 

Regards Steve Nurse

Update Jan 20 2022

One of my wife's carers accepted the bike, and I passed it on to her on Tuesday. She's very happy with it and took to the bike quite quickly. Photo below


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