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Friday, December 31, 2021

Corflute Wheel Covers



The old version of the same thing are about a year old and are documented here

Almost done, this side has 2 slits and a coreflute hatch to allow valve access

Nail used to find screw hole position.

This is the "plain" side without valve access. It only needs one slit to make it slightly conical and fit in with the wheel shape. Seven centre slits accommodate spokes.

Special printed parts each side of the valve.

One side done

Bike before wheel mod on the Kew Boulevarde

Coloured hair elastics serve as lap counters. I managed 6 laps on this occasion, about 90k's.


This year I've signed up again for the Audax Buckley's Ride, or round the bay in a day ride. Last year my Mum and Dad were sick but this year everything seems to be going ok, and I've done a bit of training, the highlight being 90k of hills a few days ago. And I knocked off about 50k on the flat today.

Anyway this post shows one of my bike-goes-faster things for this year, a rear wheel disc.

Elsewhere, I will cover the tailbox mods I've done. And I started work on a fairing as shown below, but times running out and I won't finish it in time. This is no great problem though, I think the bike is already fast and winds are forecast to be light. Temperatures not too hot as well. Will report more later.


Fairing is a work in progress, it didn't make the cut this time.

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