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Monday, December 13, 2021

Fixing Bike 44, Konas


This post is about 2 Kona bikes, and I only worked on one of them, but a good fate awaited the other, so I have put in a bit of background here.

A few weeks ago, a rider came in to Wecycle and donated his well worn Kona bikes, one a flat bar and the other a drop bar. The drop bar had a broken rear lug, more on this later. The flat bar had been kicked by someone outside a pub, so the front fork was missalligned. After a few goes I fixed that. At first I tried without luck to straighten the fork, and eventually gave up on that. Then, after going through most of the forks at wecycle, I found one to replace the bent one, it had to be non-suspension and disc brake.

As well, the drop bar bike had a broken derailleur hanger, and Lucas hand-filed one to fit, using a larger hanger as a base. Great work! As at last week, Carlos and Simon were straightening the front wheel, and it was almost on the road.

The pix below shows progress on the other Kona. It was going to replace a bike stolen from a secondary school student just as it was finished off and on its way home. Another good result, and good networking by Simon.

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