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Monday, December 13, 2021

Fixing bike 45, Mongoose


This Mongoose is one that's already been allocated to a lady, so there was a need to get it fixed. I looked at it a few weeks ago, and managed to change the right hand gearcable inner which goes to the rear derailleur. Then Gian (bottom photo) had a ride and said it wasn't ok. I had missed a Saturday at Wecycle and it was still there last week, so I concentrated my efforts on it. The main thing was to change the gearcable outer which I did. This time I handed it to Mike for final quality control, and he pronounced it ok. Hopefully it will go out to our customer soon.

PS Its December and Jacarandah time in Melbourne. Trees which go unnoticed during the year burst out in vibrant purple colours. One can be seen in the background of the top 2 photos.


Steve Nurse 

Mongoose (centre). I went up to Wecycle on the Repco Summit at right, which I left there.

Simon delivering in Deer Park. Mike had a crook shoulder and decided to take it easy and not do deliveries as usual, so Simon and I went.

Update, December 17, Simon and I delivered 4 bikes including the Mongoose, to a Mum, Dad and 2 daughters in Deer Park. They live in a Court that is closed to through traffic so should have plenty of opportunity for riding.

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