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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Front Wheel Rework


Sram derailleur showing the issue I had with it. The "low" grub screw actually limits the motion of the derailleur in high speed as well.

Sram derailleur, now ...

replaced by a Shimano, and it works.


Recently the front wheel of my recumbent started groaning and whining, and rubbing on the v-brakes.  As is usual on something we use often, I ignored it until I noticed a broken spoke. And then I finally decided to fix it, and managed to fix a few other problems at the same time. Above is the derailleur issue, I could never adjust it properly, and only found out why after close examination, see above.

Below is how I fixed the spoke and below that (bit more of a general bike fix) how I refilled an oil bottle. Very happy with how the bike is going now, but I could strip and clean the wheel bearings and derailleur. After years of working as a self-taught bike builder, I attended a bike mechanic's course at back2bikes, partly as a student, and partly as a volunteer helping other students out. It was good, I enjoyed myself, learnt quite a bit and am a bit more confident with some bike fixing.

M2.5 die used to put a thread in a spoke shortened to match the other spokes in the wheel. It worked for me but may not always work. Spoke threads are usually rolled, and raise up the surface of the spoke but the tapping doesn't do this!

Bike trainer used to true wheel.

Wheel truing using an aluminium beam to..

check the side to side rim movement. Replacing the spoke, tightening some, and loosening others managed to get it quite close to true. 

Cog and a plastic spacer used to keep the cluster tight.

Refilling an oil bottle with a fixed cap. You need to squeeze the small oil bottle before dipping it in the oil, then let it inhale the oil. This can be repeated a few times. In between drinks, the oil bottle should be held right way up before inhaling again.

Finished bike.

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