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Monday, July 19, 2021

Fixing fifty bikes, Bike 20, Shogun Metro SE



This bike was on a dumpster pile in Abbotsford, and I checked it out on the way to do my regular shopping on my recumbent leaning trike. I thought it would be ok for Wecycle so went back via the same street on the way home and the bike was still there. The chain was rusty, there were cobwebs, the right gearchanger and brake and the handlebars were manky, but otherwise good.

I managed to get it home ok, but needed to plan it as my usual route involves busy road with a steep uphill and downhill. Not the best route for riding home while steering and  braking a recumbent with the right hand, and steering and pushing a rescue bike with the left!

But the new route did involve a small stretch along busy Johnson St, which I managed to pull off fine despite some wind.

The bike is big, about 56cm, and I found a broken spoke when investigating an out of true back wheel. Fixed that by replacing one spoke and twiddling a few others. Replacement parts were a handlebar, a set of handgrips and the front gearchanger / brake lever.

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