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Sunday, July 11, 2021

New bike part 1


Spare front part of bike was

reworked to have a new hole for a bottom bracket.

This was to simulate the layout of my new bike, and to test bottom bracket positions.  I want to have the bottom bracket as far forward as possible to keep weight on the front wheel.

This pic shows there's not enough clearance of the chain to the smallest sprocket with the bottom bracket forward of the steerer tube, so

its position will be  a bit like this, just behind the steerer tube. Brakes will be disc and calliper, so there is no need for clearing a v-brake boss on the back of the fork.


For a few weeks, I've been gathering parts for a new bike, with the most exotic a new front wheel drive recumbent fork from Performer. While I've gotten on ok with my leaning trikes for a while, a few issues have come up which maybe could be improved on a bike. This construction will use some parts (rear generator wheel, parts of rear wheel frame) from a bike I rode on the Murray Tour Audax 1200 in 2014. 

A few things got me motivated. 

* Want to get more weight on the front wheel. There's a bit of slip on the trikes' front wheel because there's not much weight on it.

* Want to standardise wheel size to 406 rims. This is the standard BMX size and super common, with many good tyres available from Schwalbe. The 451  / 20" rims I have on the front have been hard to get good tyres for, and the tyres on the back are a different size, the 349mm Brompton size. Good tyres are available for this size, but they're different from the front.

* Want to have a generator on the bike, and there is one on the back wheel I plan to use.

* Might be possible to save weight on the whole build especially the seat and rear wheel assembly. Will report more later.

Update July 12, 2021

Today I drew some schematics of what I have in mind for the rear suspension and some screen dumps are below. The rear frame will be supported on suspension blocks which are held inside the  frame. They have already been made and I will report more soon.

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