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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, bike 16, Giant MTX




The bike's sibling, another giant MTX with a much more common frame. Ganesh is fixing it while chatting to Mike. 

Fixing the back brake: it took a while!  The cable inner was stuck in the outers, and it was lucky I found this doodah  inside the shed that let me keep the cantilever brakes instead of swapping them for V-brakes.





The pics show the latest bike I've been fixing for Wecycle. Its a Giant MTX 24" bike with an interesting frame, certainly much more interesting than one of the more recent MTX's at the shed.

The fixing I did in the time I had was to swap out the wheels, (rear cluster was frozen) gear cable (ditto frozen) and chain (ditto frozen) and seat, and note that the seatpost was stuck.  After my work, it needed a cleanup, brake adjustment, seat de-sticking. Mike had already allocated it to a refugee family, so there is a "pull" to get this bike finished and out of the shed.

Update July 3, 2021. Today I worked on the bike again. The rear brake wasn't easy to fix and as well the seatpost was stuck. I'd lubed the seatpost and it still wasn't moving so took it inside the shed where Simon hit with a big hammer. It moved, but moved in, and we wanted it out!  Anyway it was at least "unstuck" and after that I was able to put a vicegrip on it, waggle it, and eventually get it off. With Jack's help. After that it was all done, and it was fun if a bit small to test out.


Steve Nurse

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