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Monday, July 5, 2021

Bike 17 and 18, Giant Sedona and Upland SE


Giant Upland SE.....

was taken to bits in the back yard......

including the back wheel bearings and clutch. Both were full of muck old grease, and the clutch was slipping. Washing them out, and the clutch started working. Now its just putting it back together again.

Giant Sedona


Last Saturday I rode a recently repaired OzCycles bike to Wecycle, and rode home on a Giant Sedona, in need of fixing. This meant I could ride up to Wecycle on the roads, as I stick to bike paths when I'm riding a recumbent and wheeling a bike at the same time.

Then on Sunday there was a Giant Upland SE at the end of the street. Tyres were flat and it wasn't locked so I considered it abandoned and took it home.

Will report on how the bike repairs go. I like the Sedona better than the Upland. It's more of a commuter bike and doesn't have knobbly tyres. 

Following pictures are of Sedona: swapping the smallest 11t cog on the cluster

Soaking the crankset (not the pedal) to clean it up

Old bottom bracket bearing

was rusted due to water in the frame

Removing the seatpost. There is a block of wood under the frame, and the steel bar was struck with a hammer. Before this was done, the spots where the seatpost meets the frame was oiled, and boiling water was poured on. This helped the oil penetrate. All this moved the seatpost, then ...

It was waggled using a 12" shifter. A steel tube slipped over the shifter increased the torque.

One removed, the seatpost and inside the frame were cleaned.

Update 11 July

The Sedona has been delivered to Wecycle now. I rode it to Richmond to pick up our car after it had been serviced, and found out high gear was clunking. I only needed to change 1 cog to fix it. The bottom bracket bearing was rusty and I replaced that, and as well loosened the seatpost. The fixed stem was replaced for an adjustable one. I enjoyed riding it, and riding it to and from Wecycle was a good way of finding the problems and confirming they were fixed. The Sedona was allocated to a client too, so soon it will go to someone who needs it.

Still need to fix the Upland, and now 2 more bikes are arriving from our neighbour Stu. Will report later.


Steve Nurse

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