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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Heidelberg Road plus Video & Podcast.


Jeremy and Alyson, and one of their current crank forward Rans bikes which has served them well for 12 years or so...

, but now on the way out, replaced by a custom Trisled ....

which has all the features of the Rans plus some extra load capacity.


Jeremy and Alyson came over last Sunday, they promote active transport and were interested in a tour of some nearby popup bike lanes on Heidelberg Road. They phoned ahead but had a surprise when they arrived, a brand new Crank Forward style bike, custom for them made by Trisled. The bike is to replace a Rans which had done trojan service - but Jeremy was sick of lifting his leg over the top tube and also he wanted more load space.

Anyway, Jeremy filmed me for this video promoting the bike lanes, and later in the day I spoke to Chris from the Yarrabug show on radio 3CR, resulting in this podcast .

Lastly if you want to let Vicroads know how you feel about the bike lanes, you can let them know via the survey at this link . I've filled in the survey, generally I think the bike lanes are great, but they have created some pinch points for cars which Vicroads need to know about. 

PS the bike paths hit at least one major news bulletin, here is a link to their video via Chris Starr and facebook. Thanks Chris!


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