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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Fixing 50 Bikes Project: Bike 3


Old brake pads on tyre, new pads from a set of canti brakes from the shed.

This is a tool made from a spoke. It hooks 2 ends of a chain together when they are being rejoined. I put a point in one end of it to tidy up cable outers after they've been cut with snippers.

Ripping apart the old seat for recyclingOnly the seat cover got thrown away

New seat was from the a Byk bike via the Wecycle bikeshed. Old seat matched the bike paintwork but was falling apart.

As found condition

Front brakes before fixing

 Really, I didn't have to go very far to find this one. It was out the front of a neighbour's house when I came home with my wife Christine one day, and I picked it up, took it home and started to repair it. There was very little wrong with it, the front brake needed fixing - included with that was replacing pads and shortening the cable - the seat needed swapping out, and that was it.  I waited a few days before bringing it to Wecycle as the shed was already very crowded with bikes. Tyres were good and pumped up ok.


Make model and size: Southern Cross 24cm, 20" child's bike.

Parts used to fix: 

Recycled from Wecycle: Seat, Rear reflector

New from Wecycle: -

Recycled or new from my shed: Brake pads from cantilever brakes

To (Place and Date, Comment): Wecycle shed, aiming for 13/2/2021


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