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Friday, February 19, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes Project: Bike 5

Seatpost bolt (right) was dodgy, it was replaced with a better one

It had a light and I supplied it with some spare batteries

Right shifter was dodgy, the problem turned out to be the pawl which is circled. It was stuck, a bit of oil fixed it. The whole thing is quite intricate.

A screw was missing on the top side of the shifter and I used a screw and washer from the shed to cover it up.

Original bike with "aggressive" stem suitable for racing. Suggested change agreed to by a couple of mates was to change to the stem circled, they agreed and ......

this was the result. Much more relaxing to ride.

 This bike was picked up just after the latest Victorian coronavirus lockdown came into force. I swapped it over for bike 4, but couldn't ride it home as the rear gearcable was missing and the chain was clunking when I tried to pedal. Its downhill or flat most of the way home, so I was able to scoot it with a foot on one pedal, and wasn't too slow.

Make model and size: GT All Terra Aluminium.

Parts used to fix: 

Recycled from Wecycle: - Bell

New from Wecycle: - Front and rear reflector, chain, gear cable

Recycled or new from my shed: - Bolts, swap over headstem

To (Place and Date, Comment): Wecycle shed, 20/2/2021 

Take Home message: Indexing gearshifters can be fixed. Use a bit of oil and click them through their range for a while.Same message as last time. Some stems might be good for racing but they are uncomfortable for everyday riding.

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