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Thursday, February 18, 2021

20" Hercules

Broken Taillight but  - Ta - Da - I have a spare one in the shed.

By this time I had fixed the back tyre

Tool and keys from the saddle bag - woo hoo. The rag surrounding the tools keeps them from rattling around.

Bolt-on front end. I developed this bike half for the velocino 24" version.

1st day out of lockdown and on a warm summer's night I am taking her for a spin to pick up takeaway food. Yes, the load carrying device is a bucket. Simplest thing I could find and it did the job.

Some nice stickers although..

a little bit the worse for wear.

As advertised.


A few days ago when Victoria was in lockdown, I spotted a separating Hercules bike on Facebook Marketplace, and a few pics are shown above.

A couple of Messenger posts, a few text messages, and a lifting of lockdown later, and I am driving on the freeway out to Sydenham to pick it up.

Overall I'm very pleased with it and I plan to keep it. I've already fixed a puncture on the back wheel, and discovered I have an intact taillight that suits. Maybe there is a Hercules bell lurking in the shed as well.

In order to justify keeping this one, a few will have to go. The Luxus, Box Hill Purple Peugeot, The Atala, and Avanti Illusion will all be sold on ebay.


Steve Nurse


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