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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Fixing 50 Bikes Project: Bike 4

Almost fixed

Searching for a right side shifter and brake, and doing a bit of sorting as I go resulted in....

Finding replacement parts (on handlebar). Top part was the original shifter / brake lever. Eventually a bit of oil and working of the gearlevers got the original part to work, and I put it back on the bike.

A good brand in its day. This sort of bike design was copied by brands selling cheap to supermarkets, but this looks like one of the original good ones.

Not many parts needed from Wecycle, just grips and rear reflector.

Pretty much as found.



I picked up this bike from Wecycle. It was accessible in the shed, looked potentially good and needed tidying up.

After cleaning the bike, I realised the right gearchange was only changing 3 gears, and put a bit of oil in to try to fix it.  No luck initially, so I set about replacing it with parts from the shed. Found some parts (pic 3), but soon after the photo was taken the original shifter started to work and I put that back on.  

Just as I was about to take the bike to Wecycle (Melbourne lockdown Mark 3, day 1) I realised the back tyre was flat. Not sure if its a puncture or not, but I took it up to Wecycle anyway.  


Make model and size: Shogun Trail Breaker.

Parts used to fix: 

Recycled from Wecycle: -

New from Wecycle: - Handgrips, rear reflector

Recycled or new from my shed: - 

To (Place and Date, Comment): Wecycle shed, 13/2/2021 

Take Home message: Indexing gearshifters can be fixed. Use a bit of oil and click them through their range for a while.

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