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Saturday, December 19, 2020

OzHpv Rally Day 4 Saturday


Wes, Lloyd, Mark, William

Rob, Helen. Richard, Lloyd, William

Wes and Lloyd's trikes, Mark's Rotovelo (background)
Eurobin Station, converted to a cyclist's rest stop.

Dome, Mytleford Caravan Park

The trike mob....

approaching Myrtleford.


Near Eurobin

Wes's trike at Eurobin. Some serious electrics there

Trackside near Myrtleford

Riding towards Bright


Saturday was the day with the most riders on the rally but we were strung out like a herd of cats. Wes, Lloyd and Geoff had arrived from Albury and everyone else rode too. This time we rode to Bright then on to Wandilagong. It was great riding, with the few k's into Bright and on to Wandilagong some of the best rail trails I'd been on.  The trail is a hard surface and runs under trees, and there was plenty of activity all around, from paragliding to mountain biking.  Sydney Geoff and I rode almost directly back to Mytleford. At one stage the electric trikes were in front of us and much faster than us when on power. Later they rode with the other tikes, they eased up on the throttle a bit and we could pass them.

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