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Friday, December 18, 2020

OzHpv Rally Day 3 Friday


Everton Station, Geoff, Pete, Alex

Staggering home from the pub.

Lloyd's trike, an oldie but a goodie

Another Lloyd trike, this one was owned by Geoff, but Dome tested it on day 3

Lloyd sets up camp, William and Rob in background

Bike Hire Beechworth

Brewery Beechworth

Dave had a puncture, these were the parking arrangements for Pete's bike

... And mine

Hill up to Beechworth

Alex foreground

Heard about but never seen, this is an Efneo bottom bracket gearbox as...

fitted to Alex's Raptobike

Bowman's with Geoff

Rest Stop near Bowman's

Pete with his bike and David's. He had made David's bike 20 years previously.

Heiner's Bakery

Friday was day 3 of the rally and began by poking my head out of the cabin to see what action was taking place. The days of the rally always started with a trip to the bakery for a 2nd breakfast. Ride distances were about 80k, obviously needing fuel, and the extra food was welcome.

So we met in the Heiner's Bakery, and we rode as quite a coherent group along the rail trail all the way to Beechworth. We met Alex McNee at the (abandoned) Everton Station. The rail trail is mostly uphill to Beechworth so the Myrtleford to Beechworth direction is what needs to be tackled first. Tired and downhill go well together.

Along the way, near Bowman's is a "Car Bank", hundreds of abandoned cars and trucks lying in a field waiting for restoration. Holdens and Fords are no longer manufactured in Australia, so many may be destined to become classics.

Lunch was at a Beechworth Brewery, and Pete Heal had spied a closing-down bike shop which we visited on the way home. Notable was Geoffs ride in a pedal prix velomobile. He is in his mid 60's and an outstanding rider.

Our old mate Lloyd had arrived from Albury when we got back to the caravan park, complete with trailer, 2 trikes and battered Mercedes. It was good to see him. 

Myself, Alex, Simon and Richard all headed to the pub for dinner. I had eggplant parma, quite good!

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