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Friday, December 18, 2020

Ozhpv Rally Day 2 Thursday


Geoff's velomobile was a big attraction to the kids staying in..

the Myrtleford caravan Park. Compare the picture 6th down here, same as it ever was!



Solar farms, complete and

under construction.

Sign to construction site.

Thursday was reasonably uneventful. Deb was off to work early and I left at about the same time she did, heading North to Glenrowan, then east to Myrtleford. This was about 50k, which I'd done by about midday. Visited the Myrtleford op shop, then the caravan park. I couldn't book in so just carried myself off and slept under a tree for an hour or so. After that I could book in. A few early arrivers, Pete Heal, Geoff, William Reid, Helen Curtis, Dave McCook were already in, so I schmoozed over to catch up. All for now!

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