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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Myrtleford Preparations

Avanti Illusion crate bike as my daily driver while recumbent was being fixed. This is outside a Community Centre's free book box.

A couple of views of the new front part of the bike and new green printed frame separators....

old white and orange separators still in place.

Making new front part.

Using hand tools to resize holes for bearings.

Marking out bearing size

Clamping for markup.

Final tweaking. I ended up getting a whole new headset as seals etc. were broken. I'm happy now!

Test ride to Wecycle. With an electric Barbecue!

An earlier trip to Wecycle was to deliver this Dodson Statesman. I fixed it and swapped out the drop bars. It has nice indexed gears on the down tube. Personally I prefer the Dodson Torana, although the Commodore was even better.


After quite a while putting up with the front part of my trike being wobbly, I finally got around to fixing it. A few pics are attached. All this was in prep for an OzHpv gathering in Myrtleford where I will be (mildly) touring and visiting a friend over the next few days. I'm getting there by train, not car so it does qualify as touring to some extent.

Will report when I get back, also plan to write the much simpler front end design into the free trike plans here .

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse


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