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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Fringe Furniture Bump-in, Bump-out


Bump out on my recumbent

Bit of breathing space outside a local cafe

One of the other entries

Trades hall becomes a studio

Bump in part 2

Bump in part 1

Dress rehearsal at home

Its come around to Fringe Furniture time again, and this coronavirus year, the festival has gone online. We were given the option to opt out once it was cancelled but I have hung in there. And today was bump-in, bump-out day, (or just plain filming) day, and it was pretty easy for me compared to last year.

So I was able to pack up my exhibit in a milk crate, and then plonk it on my Avanti Illusion crate bike, then meander in at the right time to offload. A few hours later I headed back in on the recumbent, photography having been done.  Will post when the online exhibition is on, I think it begins on the 12th of November, here is the link.

Thanks Brigit for all the wrangling!


Steve Nurse

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