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Monday, November 2, 2020

Coming out of lockdown


Peugeot PL24, a very cool donation to Wecycle which

came in the same batch as this one, a


The top bars are not part of the bikes, they are used to mount the bike to a car towbar.

Another Wecycle bike, a Bennett

The crew, group photo 1

The crew, group photo 2

Peter Matthews on the boulie (Kew Boulevarde).


Melbourne is slowly coming out of lockdown now and soon (weehoo) we will be able to travel more than 25k from home. Meanwhile against a background of 0 coronavirus cases nationally in the last 24 hours and 0 deaths, things are already opening up. Shops are open including volunteer run groups such as op shops and our Wecycle bike recycling shed. 

First day back was Saturday, a few pics from the day are above courtesy Simon Batterbury.

And until a week or so ago, the limit on travel from home was 5k. This didn't worry me much as we have some good riding and shops within that distance.  But today, I saw an "out of towner" on the boulie, my friend Peter who I've ridden with in Audax.  He had limited himself to rides around Box Hill during lockdown and got to know the regular riders on his local bike tracks. 



Steve Nurse


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