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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

OzHpv Rally Day 1 Wednesday


My friend Deb

Deb's garden, bathtub and sink are reused after a bathroom renovation.

Lurg Hall

Near Lurg

Lurg Church

Benella, the Healthy bites Cafe owner and a passer by were curious about my trike.

Benella, Healthy Bites Cafe. These are the sweet wheels of an older Benella resident.

Benella Station, detail of ....

this train model

A cut up bike tube acted as a handbrake for the ..

train trip up from Southern Cross station.

Red lines shows my travel, Train to Benella, then Benella - Winton - Lurg - Winton. Overnight Winton. Winton to Mytleford via Glenrowan, Oxley, Milawa. 3 nights Myrtleford with Ozhpv crew & bonus rides. Myrtleford to Wangaratta via Everton, Train home from Wangaratta.


The photos show the story backwards, but the pics show the first day of my ozhpv gathering trip last week. I got the train to Benella, then had an op shop visit and some lunch in a caf before riding out to Winton. That was only 10k, and my host Deb wasn't due home till 5, so I rode about 20 bonus kilometres out to Lurg which is out in the forest.  Like Lurg, Winton is hardly a town, but it does have a car racing track which can make Deb's place noisy from 9 to 5. By way of contrast, Lurg is known for birdwatching.

It was good to catch up with Deb. We lived next door as neighbours for about 20 years and we've stayed in touch through occasional wisits to northeast Vic over the years.

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