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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

OzHpv Rally Day 5 Sunday


Everton bus shelter

Everton number plate tree

Accoutrements and luxuries  (joke props) at the Everton bus shelter, a phone and a TV remote.

Some tucker by the rail trail, ripe cherry-plums. You tend to ignore them when you're riding with others, but by yourself you have time to observe and pick and eat the fruit.

Trike and cherry-plum tree

Op shop, It was a Sunday, but this was Free Stuff left outside. I missed out on visiting this op shop during opening hours but went to the other one a few times.

Dave McCook and Helen Curtis with Helen's Optima "Baroness"

Domes Deli testing a Lloyd Charter trike.

Breakfast and trike tweaking

Checking Jeff's velo

Myrtleford, Emma Mickle Centre


A last set of photos for the ozhpv gathering. I was riding the 50k from Myrtleford to Wangaratta Station, then taking the train back to Melbourne. This was jumping ship a little bit early, some of the other mob were riding to Lake Buffalo. 

At the Myrtleford Bakehouse we met Emma Mickle who was on a supported ride to raise money for  a Spinal Cure charity. She was doing very well. The ride was a return to normal life for Emma after recovery from a hiking accident. She had raised $28,000 via gofundme .

The ride to Wangaratta was not too bad and I used the rail trail for the first half, then the road. I was in plenty of time for the 1pm train despite a puncture. It had been a good trip, and nice to catch up with Myrtleford and a few old friends.


Best Wishes


Steve Nurse


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