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Friday, August 7, 2020

New MBB Part 8

Sawing aluminium for new front part of frame. Taking time to ensure it's all sawed square.
Wooden dowel inside the frame as a knocking bar to remove the wooden front part.
3d printed parts to be used as spacers and thread supports. The larger parts will sit between the front and back parts of the frame.

front part of the frame, now sawed and drilled for the front fork bearing.

Rear bottom bracket support castings, crush bars and spacer pins.

Hi, bit of progress on the trike today.  I'm making the frame stronger by replacing the front timber frame with an aluminium version.

I couldn't find the cad file for the inner thread supports, so drew and printed a new version. It will be simpler than the old type, using screws instead of an m5 screw and tee nut as shown here.  


Steve Nurse

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