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Thursday, August 13, 2020

New Panels for trike

Cutting out decorative panels for the side of the bike. The fabric stretches a lot so there is no need to cut a border at the edge.

This is how the cloth attaches to corflute (red, yellow, white) and the corflute to the bike (black)
On the bike out the front.....
and in action, picking up some Hummus - fundraiser for Red Cross Lebanon - from Bar Saracen in the city.


About 10 years ago I had a bike with a cloth fairing. The fairing at least has long since been dismantled, and somehow some of the cloth ended up in a hobby box in our loungeroom. Anyway, not wanting to waste it, and thinking of making masks for covid 19, I made some bike panels from the material. Here is the video including the original bike. A few years I had different fabric covers on an Audax 100k ride, here is the link.

Regards  Steve Nurse

And more blast from the past, found some more photos of the original faired bike in this issue of the OzHpv magazine, Huff. A couple of pics below, this was from an OzHpv gathering in Canberra.


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