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Monday, August 24, 2020

Jamis Crate Bike

Hi, a week ago I picked up a damaged Jamis bike. I thought our friend Zoe might like it and checked with her before I picked it up. Yep, she wanted it.  The derailleur was broken, the chain was twisted and it just needed a bit of love.  It has frame bosses and a rear rack but that is still not enough to actually carry anything. Anyway along with the other fixing, I added a milk crate.

The pics above show the details. As per my other load carrying efforts, the crate isn't cable tied to the rack, its got a custom made adapter. I've made a sort of minimal viable product here, only clipping in to one part of the rack and needing an ocky strap for extra security.


Steve Nurse

Zoe very happy!

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