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Thursday, August 13, 2020

New MBB trike part 10

Working trike as seen from....

left and......


Big Expedition! Actually, I have done 2 of these Big Expeditions. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit. Our friends lives about 500 metres away on a flat road, but I have dropped off Hummus chips and cooking magazines to them. They do the same sort of things for us on occasions.

The moving bottom bracket recumbent I've been working on for a while has had its frame front replaced now, and I've put the whole trike back together. Quite happy with the way its come together but at the moment there are about 5 joins in the steerer causing confidence-killing wobbliness and squeakiness.

I'm not convinced by the reverse fork, and the steerer is too low to get on and off the trike easily as well. Plan is now to make another new frame front from aluminium with a new fork, and make a new, solid non-wobbly steerer to suit. 

Regards  Steve Nurse  

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