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Saturday, August 8, 2020

New MBB Part 9

Printer enclosure with miracle! hairdryer attachment.

Glueing m8 tee nuts to their holders.

New front frame for MBB trike

Inside the new frame. The holes at the front are for the fork bearings.

Front frame area on fixed bottom bracket trike.

Whole new frame.


Here is today's progress on the trike. Basically I have a new frame now.

Last night I redesigned the tee-nut holders which fit inside the frame, and this morning I printed them. I'd had problems with the printer being cold first thing in the morning before, and the prints peeling off the build tray. But I seem to have fixed it by shoving a hairdryer into the printer enclosure and heating things up for 3 minutes or so before printing. So no problem printing 2 new parts!

Besides printing, I drilled the frame parts to suit the new spacers, and put the frame together. The whole assembly is an updated version of the  pic below, which comes from the thingiverse build files at

The pic below refers to the earlier build shown 5th pic down.
The new version replaces 4 m5 screws and 4 m5 tee nuts with 4 small timber screws and the spacer assemblies are the same top and bottom, so fewer different parts are used.  

More to follow of course, Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

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