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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Down a worm hole

Anne Oskam bike with original Roulandt in the background, Photo credit Wilco Pompert via this link

Another Anne Oskam bike! The google translation on the site by Johan Vrielink is "
In addition, the legendary developer Anne Oskam as a young man, on the design he made for Batavus , when he was head of the development department there. Again, a different drive than the standard circular movement."

This Link leads to a russian site detailing a Nuvinci style in hub gearbox made by Boris Frolov. It all looks too good to be true, and probably is
one variator costs at 350 Euro, has a pedal range multiplier ranging from 1 to 4, weighs from 2kg and efficiency is not less than 90%!

Hi, I have been on the internet researching bikes and came across a few oddities and some interesting stuff so have put it down here.

Not so much a worm hole this one and more like where my cycling should be, I found Tony's Tasmanian Cycling blog the other day. He has an electric assisted Greenspeed and pootles around and has fun. Some nice, gentle blog posts here.


Steve Nurse

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