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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Riding in Lockdown


Arrival at Wecycle with 2 bikes and a Bickerton. One I had picked up, the other fixed up.

, and Bickerton out of the bag for the trip home.

Keeping up with family, the first of a few video conferences I've done with Mum, Dad and my brother, son and nieces and nephews.

Nooooooh!  Op shops still closed.

Slightly busted and possibly abandoned bike outside savers.

Matt Ben with his Penny farthing and my bike on the Kew Boulevarde.

Anthony at The Hive shopping centre. I'm fixing his bike for him

 and gave him a loaner


Hi, a few photos of riding in lockdown. Some of my rides have been ferrying bike around the place for Wecycle and work in the spirit of Wecycle. Other days I just go up and do laps of the Kew Boulevarde which is coupled with a shpping trip. Downhill I'm quite quick on the Boulevarde, passing most people but on the flat and uphill I get passed a lot.

Current project is finishing the bike for a homeless gentleman Anthony. It was on its last legs with both brakes not working and a puncture. Mostly fixed now, I hope to true the wheels so the brakes don't rub tomorrow.


Anthony happy with his refurbed bike.

Update Sep 24 fixed and delivered now.


Best Wishes


Steve Nurse



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